Student Governance


  • STUDENT GOVERNANCE (The Student Representative Council [SRC])
  • The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the recognized student governing body of all students of Perez-UC. The council comprises duly elected student leaders who articulate concerns of students.
  • All registered students of Perez-UC by default are members of the SRC and are required to pay their dues and partake in all SRC activities.
  • The SRC executives serve as the recogniZed mouthpiece of all students and the council officially acts and speaks on behalf of the entire student body.
  • The SRC is the body that liaises and brings the gap between students and the University College Management on all matters.
  • The SRC works with students, University College faculty and administration on activities and policies relating to the overall well-being and interest of the student community.


       2.0 Qualification for SRC Office Holders

Those students who seek the office of the SRC must:

  • Be a Fully paid-up and Registered student of PEREZ-UC
  • Be of sound mind
  • Have been a student of PEREZ-UC for not less than one year
  • Have no adverse record including academic
  • Have no adverse record including academic and examination malpractices against them
  • Have attained Cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better
  • Be elected in accordance to a guiding document to be obtained from the office of the Dean of Students Affairs

3.0   Grievances and Disciplinary Issues

  • Grievances from students should be taken up by the SRC and passed to the appropriate authority through the Dean of Students Affairs for action
  • The SRC president and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee will serve on the school’s disciplinary committee to address students’ cases.
  • The SRC executives must deal with students’ contributions and render annual accounts to the Dean of Students Affairs. Their income and expenditure statement must be published for the use of the student body.
  • Before leaving office the SRC executives must render accounts to Dean of Students Affairs and in-coming SRC executives
  • No debt or liability shall be inherited by the in-coming SRC executives. They must be borne by the executive who created them.
  • SRC elections and handing over must be completed before second semester mid-exams.