The College library has been described as the ‘heartbeat’ of the Perez University College. This is because the library stock has been developed in direct relation to the academic programmes offered at the certificate, diploma and undergraduate levels.

As new curricula and programmes are introduced, and as existing programmes venture into new areas, the library collections are built to suit or accommodate these trends.


Vision of the College Library

To become a multimedia educational center or unit of excellence – in which the information resources are in both the print and non – print formats



The purpose or mission of the College library is to provide the resources and services necessary for the academic, moral and entrepreneurial pursuits of the college.



The primary objective of the library is to support the core functions of the University College, namely teaching / learning, research and extension programmes. The library is able to achieve this primary objective by performing the following functions:

  • Collection or acquisition of knowledge (covering the curriculum) in all formats
  • Organization, storage preservation, and retrieval of knowledge for use
  • Development of links with other libraries and allied organizations at both local and international levels
  • Training of users (staff and students in the use of libraries and e- resources)

Generally, the administration of the College library shall fall on the institution’s Library Committee or Board but the day to day management of the library shall be the responsibility of the College Librarian

Guiding Principles

In pursuing the vision, mission and the objectives of this unit, the library shall be guided by these core values

  • High level of discipline and integrity
  • Dedication to duty or high sense of responsibility
  • Good team spirit
  • Excellent human relations
  • Creativity, initiative and drive



The library is currently manned by one professional Librarian and a professional Library Assistant who
are ever ready to attend to patrons needs from Monday to Saturdays between 8am to 5pm.



Books and other relevant materials on existing programmes the college offers are available in the library.

An institutional repository made up of copies of students’ long essays, past examination questions, copies of the Daily Graphic and the Mirror and copies of some official documents e.g. statutes, is being developed.

A computer is also available to assist users find the relevant and accurate information they need

A Wi-Fi facility has been installed in this library.

Some personalities have donated few copies of their books to the library. These have been processed for use.

Generally, the library operates a ‘loan system” to only faculty members. However, students can be permitted to check out library materials upon a special request or arrangement. The library operates flexible opening hours from Mondays to Saturdays. Also there are library rules and regulations to guide library users and staff.

These three items, spelt out above, are highlighted during the orientation session organized for newly – admitted students and other users