School of Graduate Studies




Method of Application

ADMISSIONS           (1)       Application for admission into courses of study leading to postgraduate degrees must be on prescribed forms approved by the Board of Graduate Studies (hereinafter referred to as the Board). The forms shall be obtained from the online portal, on payment of the prescribed application fee.


  • Applications shall normally be made in response to official advertisement to that effect in national newspapers. The advertisements, which shall normally be made between January and March, every year, shall specify the programme for which admissions are to be made.


  • It is the responsibility of the candidate seeking admission to ensure that all the information and documents required in the prescribed forms are submitted not later than the advertised deadline.



  • A candidate seeking admission into a higher degree shall normally be:


  • A graduate of the Perez University College (PEREZ-UC) or of other Universities recognised by the Academic Board of the University College.


  • A person who holds a relevant professional qualification approved by the Academic Board on recommendation of the Board.


  • Notwithstanding regulation (4) above, a candidate may be required as a condition for admission to undergo such tests as may be prescribed by the Department or Departments concerned with his proposed work or to take such other pre-requisite or concurrent studies and examinations as may be prescribed, subject to the overall control of the Board.


  • A candidate with a Bachelor Degree in the discipline into which admission is being sought shall be admitted either to a Master of Philosophy Degree or Master’s Degree programme.



Mode of Study

(8)    (a)           A candidate may be offered admission to pursue a programme of study either on full-time or part-time basis or by distance learning. Full-time admission can be offered only to candidates who satisfy the Graduate Studies that they are not in full-time employment, or that they have been released by their employers to undertake full-time studies.



False Declaration

(9)       Any candidate found to have made a false declaration with regard to Regulations (1), (3), (4) and (8) above shall be asked to withdraw from the University College.


Approval of Admission

(10)      Admission shall be made by the Board of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the appropriate School Postgraduate Committee.


Offer and Acceptance of Admission

  • Candidates offered admission shall be notified in writing by

the Executive Secretary, Board of Graduate Studies.


  • The offer of admission made in accordance with Regulation

(11) above shall be provisional and individual candidates shall be required to:

  1. accept the offer of admission in writing on the prescribed forms and pay the prescribed acceptance fees, within the specified deadline and
  2. comply with any other conditions that may be contained in the admission letter.



  • Any provisional offer of admission not accepted as

prescribed in Regulation (12) above shall be deemed to have lapsed.



Regulation 2


  • A candidate offered admission is required to take up the offer in the particular academic year it is made and the Board shall not normally entertain requests for deferment of admission.


  • A candidate who desires to commence study in a year other than that in which an offer of admission has been made by the Board shall be required to apply afresh for admission and comply with Regulations (1) – (3).


  • In very exceptional circumstances, however, the Board may entertain requests for deferment of admissions.


  • The Board shall consider each case on its own merit.


  • An application for deferment of admission must:


  • reach the Executive Secretary, School of Graduate Studies at least one week before the Matriculation Ceremony for the particular year the offer of admission was made;


  • be accompanied by evidence of formal acceptance of provisional offer of admission as prescribed in Regulation (2).


  • show documentary evidence that the circumstances which have warranted the application for deferment did not exist at the time the candidate was applying for admission;


  • not be for a period exceeding one academic session.

Regulation 3



(1)        A fresh student shall register in the School of Graduate Studies.


(2)        Registration shall be on the prescribed forms approved by the Board.


  • The procedure for first registration shall consist of the following:


  • payment of all prescribed fees to the Finance officer.


  • obtaining the prescribed registration forms from the  Executive Secretary, School of Graduate Studies and carefully completing same;


  • endorsement of the forms by the appropriate Heads of Department and Deans of Faculty;


  • return one copy each of the completed forms together with photocopies of payment receipts to the Faculty, Department and the Secretary, School Graduate Studies.



(4)        All registration formalities shall be completed not later than one week before the matriculation ceremony for the particular session for which admission is made.


  • Candidates who fail to register within the prescribed period shall be deemed to have forfeited their admission offers.


Regulation 4



  • A fresh graduate student of Perez-UC becomes a bona fide student only after matriculation. Such a student must therefore take the Matriculation Oath on the formal Matriculation Day and sign the matriculation register and/or other prescribed matriculation documents.


  • Fresh graduate students who are alumni of the University College shall not undergo fresh matriculation formalities.
  • All graduate students shall be assigned a graduate number. The number shall be used as student’s identification number for all formal purposes including examinations.