Dean of Students

The Dean of Students helps to offer support services to students. The office of the Dean is the first point of call for local as well as international students when they need help in pursuit of their academic excellence with services that enhance their academic and social wellbeing. It is where students can receive attention and direction regarding their academic and administrative needs.

 Message from the Dean of Students

 As the Dean of Students, I welcome you all to campus with a heart full of joy. I have high hope that each of you have something peculiar to contribute to our community in making it a place we all wish to live in.

We at Perez University College are committed to making your life enjoyable in a friendly atmosphere for effective academic as well social activities.

We provide a friendly, welcoming and a conducive educational environment dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in knowledge, skills and high moral integrity aimed at equipping you to serve and make meaningful contributions to contemporary society with a difference. Our campus is one of the serene environment promoting academic activities.

Perez is a University College of a difference built on core values of excellence, faith and discipline aimed at equipping you to better fit into society.

Perez  UC has a diversified student population from different parts of Africa. Over the years students have come from different parts of Africa including Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Togo, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea and Mali. This diversity makes it possible for students to establish social network which goes a long way to help students in their career development.


Campus life forms an integral part of Perez University to give students unique experience. We have a vibrant student activities championed by well-organized SRC. SRC activities are well designed to making, especially international students fell at home. The University College has an enviable football team that makes almost all private universities willing to play with us. We encourage students to take advantage of the programs and services offered by the office of the Dean of Students to be able to have enriched campus experience.

I wish all students a fulfilling and engaging time here at Perez University College.